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Poetry By Heart 2020 - Newham Primary School Winners! - posted 27th Feb

On Thursday, 2 of our Year 6 pupils took part in the Newham round of the national poetry competition: Poetry by Heart, held at Lister Community School. They performed 'A Smuggler's Song' and 'Colonel Fazakerley Butterworth-Toast' to a panel of 4 VIP judges: Adam Kammerling (poet), Allie Esiri (actress), Tim Shortis (AQA examiner) and Julie...

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2020 - posted 27th Jan

This morning, five pupils from Y6 attended Newham’s Holocaust memorial. During the service, our Head Boy represented the pupils of St. Joachim's with a recital of Refugee Blues by WH Auden, which he read with great dignity and pathos. The event was attended by the Mayor of Newham, and special guest speakers were Mr John...

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Year 6 visit the Houses of Parliament - posted 22nd Jan

As part of the Citizenship project, Year 6 visited the Houses of Parliament. It was such a fantastic trip, and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. During the visit, the children were taken on a tour of the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Great Hall - where Guy Fawkes was once on...

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Poets and Recitals 2020 - posted 20th Jan

This week saw the conclusion of our annual Classic Poetry project – an English project which is focussed on reading, analysing, and performing famous and well-regarded classic poems. As part of the project, there was the opportunity for pupils to participate in a recital competition. Over 40 children took part in the competition and the judges...

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Primary Robotics - posted 9th Jan

A group of children from St Joachim's, along with Miss O'Flaherty have joined with children from the other Newham Catholic primaries schools to investigate programming and robotics. It is great to see their focus and great co-operation in mixed school groups and to have expertise from St Bon's to guide and support them.  

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Mini Vinnies Sleep-out - posted 15th Nov

This Friday members from our Mini Vinnies club took part in a sleep-out at St Helen's. The children wrote prayer cards and took part in a liturgy to remember all the homeless people who do not have a place to stay and sleep overnight. The children who took part in the event were sponsored...

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Remembrance Day Service - posted 11th Nov

The school council attended Newham's Remembrance Service at West Ham Park today, in remembrance and appreciation of the fallen soldiers of British conflicts and wars. In school, all the children took part in a Remembrance assembly, and made wreaths and prayers to convey their respect and deepest gratitude. DSC 0536

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Science fiction project: The History of Science in 60 minutes - posted 4th Nov

This week saw the launch of the English project: Science fiction. During the project, the children will be studying a number of different science fiction books, with authors including: HG Wells, Jules Verne and Arthur Conan Doyle. The project was launched by the Hobgoblin Theatre Company, who presented a very informative and entertaining play: The History...

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