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Mini Vinnie Sleepover 9

Mini Vinnies Sleepover - posted 20th Jun

On Friday 17th of June a number of our school Mini Vinnies took part in a sleepover in the school to help them understand a little bit about homelssness and how much of an issue it is in today's society. They used this opportunity to raise money for Caritas Anchor...

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Reception Art 1

Reception Art - posted 17th Jun

During Arts week Reception have been looking at jungle landscape art. They have used a variety of different materials to make their art. At the start of the project they talked about the different colours that can be seen in Jungle art and used coloured pencils to make their own....

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Newham Clean Air 2

Year 3 at the Newham Clean Air Event - posted 16th Jun

Year 3 were fortunate enough to celebrate Clean Air Day at Newham Dockside. They learnt about air pollution and how they can pledge to help the environment. The children were able to try the Formula E simulators and learn about electric vehicles. They also had a go at smoothie bikes...

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Youth Tennis 1

London Youth Games - posted 16th Jun

Four children from Y3/4 represented Newham and took part in the London Youth Games for Tennis this past week. They were up against all boroughs from around London. All the children that took part played extremely well making it all the way to the grand slam knockout stages. Unfortunately they...

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Science Museum 1

Year 3 at the Science Museum - posted 15th Jun

Year 3 Lourdes and Year 3 Walsingham enjoyed an exciting trip to the Science Museum as part of their arts week focus on ‘Arctic and Landscape Art.’ The children were able to experience a 3D documentary (Antarctica 3D) at the Science Museum’s Imax theatre. The documentary educated the children on the...

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Year 5 and 6 Tennis

Year 5 & 6 Tennis - posted 15th Jun

Children from Y5/6 took part in a Tennis tournament hosted by our sports partnership Langdon Academy. The children played very well narrowly missing out on claiming the trophy but finishing 2nd place. Well done! Year 5 and 6 Tennis

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Year 5 Art Pic 2

Year 5 Art - posted 15th Jun

As part of the Arts project, Year 5 have been looking at how to use mixed media to create ‘Ocean Wave’ art. They took inspiration from Japanese artist Hokusai and his ‘Great Wave’ painting. They used modelling clay to create different textures and effects to create a 3-d depiction. We...

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Y6 Queen House 1

Year 6 at Queens House - posted 14th Jun

On Tuesday this week Year 6 visited The Queens House. The children were given an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Queen’s House galleries and learn how the sea had inspired spectacular artworks, past and present. They learnt how to use experimental mark-making, texture and colour to create captivating impressions...

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Y5 Queen House 2

Year 5 at Queens House - posted 14th Jun

This week, year 5 visited Queen’s house for a ‘Sketching at Sea’ workshop. First, they had a tour of the building and discussed all the different types of art present. Their workshop then moved on to teach them different techniques for producing pieces of art, including oil on canvas and...

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Y1 Cathedreal 6

Year 1 at St Pauls Cathedral - posted 13th Jun

This week Yr 1 had a lovely visit to St Paul’s Cathedral. They were lucky enough to sit in private areas of the Cathedral to study the beautiful and intricate mosaic art that covered the ceilings and the floors, in which the children were able to recognise biblical stories from...

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