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Year 4L 1

Year 4L Evacuee Day - posted 3rd Jul

On Monday 3rd July, Year 4 held an Evacuee Day in school filled with immersive activities and lessons centred around the experiences of an evacuee child of the sae age in London at the start of World War Two. The children were tasked with packing only essential items into bags...

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Y2 at Royal Mews 2023 2

Year 2's trip to the Royal Mews - posted 19th Jun

As part of our Humanities Project, Y2W had the opportunity to visit the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace. After a catching a glimpse of the King’s Guards outside the palace, we attended a workshop to learn more about monarchs past and present as well as get a close-up view of...

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Year 2 at the Royal Mews 2023 2

Year 2 Lourdes at The Royal Mews - posted 12th Jun

In preparation for the upcoming Humanities Project, Year 2 Lourdes went on a trip to The Royal Mews, a part of Buckingham Palace. They had a workshop all about royal coronations where they learnt about the special regal objects used and even dressed up as Kings and Queens. The children...

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First Holy Communion 2023 1

May is The Month of Mary - posted 29th May

Catholic tradition being May is the month of Mary is a very revered tradition. During this month it is traditional to crown statues of Mary with flowers and say the rosary daily. Tradition also says, ‘The family that prays together, stays together'. Therefore we have been remembering Mary during this month...

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Year 6 Residentual 2023 Day 4 1

Year 6 Residential Day 4 - posted 26th May

Year 6 enjoyed their last full day in Wales and the sun shone for them. They enjoyed seaside walks and were even treated to an ice cream as the weather was so lovely. Some children made bug hotels to help with conservation in the area. Children took part in George...

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Y6 Wales Residentual Day 3 8

Year 6 Wales Residentual Day 3 - posted 25th May

Year 6 continued their adventures in Wales yesterday. They had a very busy day full of lots of activities. These ranged from a beach visit with a local walk, canoeing, gorge walking, swimming in the lake and team challenges. They even went to visit the place with the longest name....

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Y6 Wales Residential Day 2 2023 2

Year 6 Wales Residential Day 2 - posted 24th May

The fun continues for Year 6 who are away on their residential in Wales. Yesterday they got stuck into some outdoor adventures. They scaled new heights and enjoyed a touch of abseiling alongside scrambling where they had to work as a team to walk up steep terrain. Some children took...

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Y6 Wales Residential 2023 Day 1 8

Year 6 Wales Residential Day 1 - posted 22nd May

Year 6 left for their final residential to Ogwen Cottage in Wales. After a busy morning navigating the tube and the train with all their luggage they arrived in sunny Wales. After settling in quickly they were off on their first adventure. The weather was in their favour as they...

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Y5 and Y6 Handball 2023

Year 5 and Year 6 Boys Handball - posted 18th May

On Thursday 18th of May, children from Years 5 and 6 took part in a Handball competition at Langdon Academy. The competition consisted of 10 schools from Newham. St Joachim’s showed composure and great skill to finish top of their group respectively which set them up for a quarter final...

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