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Year 6 Calendar Autumn 2023 24



This week Year 6 visited the Tate and Lyle refinery site for the Junior Citizens Programme run by the Metropolitan Police, it focused on safety awareness, and how the pupils can be smart citizens in society. Some of the other agencies involved included the Fire Brigade, the police and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. The children were taken through potentially life-saving scenarios such as ‘stranger danger’, contacting the emergency services, fire awareness and safety. They had a great time and one group of pupils left with a medal as the winning team.

Y6 Junior Citizen Programme 2024


This week the Year 6 children played a major role during the traditional Carol Concert. They helped to tell the Christmas story through reading, carols and drama. All the children read and sang beautifully. The concerts included violinists, and a pianist as well as a range of different choirs who performed traditional carols and contemporary composition. Thank you to all the parents who came and supported the event.

Y6 Nativity 2024 

Year 6 Knife Crime Assembly Workshop

Year 6 took part in a knife crime awareness assembly. The children looked at how to reduce knife carrying amongst children and young people. The assembly emphasised the legal consequences, physical harm and emotional impacts that arise from violence involving knives. The year 6 children were also able to explore strategies on how to reduce their involvement in such actions by good decision making using Awareness, Thinking Ahead and De-Escalation.

Benin Art Work 17.11.23

In Year 6 we have been studying the ancient Kingdom of Benin which was in what is now Nigeria. Located entirely within what is now Nigeria, the Kingdom of Benin stretched from Lagos in the west to beyond the River Niger in the east, an area that equates to about a fifth of modern-day Nigeria. This week we created an animal tile which could have been to be used as a gift to the gods at one of the Oba’s ceremonies.

Year 6 Q4 1