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Year 3 Visit Gunnersbury Museum for a Victorian Day

On 7th March 2022, both Year 3L and Year 3W journeyed to Gunnersbury Museum for an interactive and immersive experience about the life of a Victorian child. The visit began with a workshop where the children were able to role play different Victorian characters, particularly the various jobs of a maid and what life was like for a child in the Victorian era. Following lunch, the children got the chance to be a Victorian schoolchild for the day. They had to follow all the rules, particularly speaking in full sentences and remembering that children ‘should be seen not heard’. Some children particularly impressed the master, Mr Killjoy, with their prowess within the three ‘rs’: reading, writing and arithmetic. However, some specifically prepared children had been up to some mischief and Year 3 all agreed that they much prefer school today!

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