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Year 3 at the Science Museum

Year 3 Lourdes and Year 3 Walsingham enjoyed an exciting trip to the Science Museum as part of their arts week focus on ‘Arctic and Landscape Art.’

The children were able to experience a 3D documentary (Antarctica 3D) at the Science Museum’s Imax theatre. The documentary educated the children on the current issues with climate changes and the adverse effect it continues to have in Antarctica.

It was a startling experience for the children to witness as they had been studying landscapes within the region as part of their art and English work. Seeing the effect that climate change has had caused quite a shock and has started to make the children consider what changes and positive impact they could have on the climate themselves.

It will be interesting to see given what the children have seen how it will impact the rest of the creations during arts week.

Science Museum 1  Science Museum 3

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Science Museum 6

Science Museum 2