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Year 2 trip to Chalkwell

As part of arts week, both Year 2 classes had a great opportunity to visit Chalkwell Beach. The children drew some wonderful landscape art on the beach-front, inspired by their focus artist, William Turner. The children were able to collect shells to take back to school to use for the rest of the project and even found some crabs to hold. After building sandcastles and sculptures, Year 2 enjoyed a delicious ice-cream in the sun. The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip with one child saying “I loved it when we worked together in groups to make sandcastles. We made a really big one with lots of shells and slimy seaweed.”


Chalkwell Beach 1 Chalkwell Beach 2
Chalkwell Beach 3 Chalkwell Beach 4
Chalkwell Beach 5 Chalkwell Beach 6

Chalkwell Beach 7