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St. Joachim’s at Battle Abbey

On Saturday 15th October 2022, 60 KS2 children of St. Joachim’s visited Battle Abbey and watched a re-enactment of ‘The Battle of Hastings’ which was fought on 14th October 1066, 956 years ago. The children were able to visit the camps of the opposing armies on either side of the historic battlefield, and come up close and personal with Saxon and Norman soldiers. They were able to experience first-hand the intricacies of their weapons and the weight of their armour and discover the clothes they wore and what food they ate.
During the afternoon the children were able to watch the gripping battle unfold, as Norman and Saxon armies brought the story of 1066 to life.

Battle of Hastings 1

Battle of Hastings 2

Battle of Hastings 3

Battle of Hastings 4

Battle of Hastings 5

Battle of Hastings 6

Battle of Hastings 7