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Reception's Fluffy Friends

On Tuesday we had a very special delivery of some eggs. We talked about all the things they thought might be inside the eggs. They had some very good ideas such as dragons, turtles and a bird.

When they arrived at school on Thursday the children had a big surprise. Some of the eggs had hatched and they finally got to see that there had been baby chicks inside. Over the course of the day the children got to watch the rest of the chickens hatch from their eggs. The children are very excited to get to watch the chickens grow over the next week. The children have started to learn all about the life cycle of a chicken and are sure the egg came first.

The children think the chicks are very cute and enjoy watching them get fluffy in their incubator after they have been born. They are eagerly waiting for the day they can finally hold their new fluffy friends.

“I love the baby chickens I want to hold them, they are all fluffy”
“They are asleep, I like the chicks”

Reception Fluffy Friends 1

Reception Fluffy Friends 2

Reception Fluffy Friends 3