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Classic Poetry Project: Record-breaking entries!

This year, our annual Classic Poetry project saw record-breaking entries for our recital competition! Over 50 pupils entered, and it was truly fantastic to see such enthusiasm and passion for the poems.

This year's winners:

First Place KS1: Cara, Y2L, In Flanders Fields

First Place KS2: Rebecca, Y5, In Flanders Fields

Second Place KS1: Christina, Y2L, Bed in Summer

Second Place KS2: Catalina, Y6, Us Two


Emmanuella, Y4, The Lamb

Michael, Y3, At the Zoo

Anwulika, Y6, Remember

Chime, Y3, At the Zoo

Ernestine, Y5, In Flanders Fields

Abigail, Y5, In Flanders Fields

Aqeelah, Y2W, Bed in Summer

Katherine, Y6, In Flanders Fields

Anthony, Y6, In Flanders Fields

Chimaobim, Y3, Bed in Summer

​As always, each class performed a poem at the conclusion of the project - and what great performances they were! All the recitals were well-learnt, passionately recited, and very clearly enunciated. Well done, everyone!

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