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Newham's Identity and Resilience workshops - posted 18th Jun

On Wednesday 13th June, Yr5 and Yr6 attended Newham's Identity and Resilience workshops. They explored stereotypes, what makes a community flourish, and what it means to be a citizen in Britain. They also explored current affairs, and developed their understanding of resilience.    

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Make a Chinese calligraphy banner - posted 24th May

We handled some traditional Chinese scrolls and discussed the meanings behind the colours red (luck) and metallic (wealth). After that we researched mandarin symbols that were special to us and created our own banners. Can you tell what they say?   calli5 calli3 calligraphy2 calli4 chinese callihgraphy

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Year 2- A Chinese stir fry - posted 24th May

We have been doing lots of investigation into traditional Chinese food. We received a message from a Chinese chef who wanted us to create a stir fry for him. We sampled some new ingredients and prepared lots of vegetables for the noodle dish. It was delicious!   stir3 stir2 stir6 stir5 chinise stir1  

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Year 2- Vehicles - posted 24th May

We spent three lessons constructing and decorating our vehicles! First we had to cut wood to create an axle for our wheels. We constructed a box each and attached our chassis to the bottom. The next lesson we used paper mache to cover our vehicles in the colour we wanted. Finally, it was time to...

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Letter from 10 Downing Street - posted 1st May

Year 6 receive a letter of thanks and admiration from 10 Downing Street! As part of their Citizenship project, Year 6 explored what it means to be a British Citizen in the 21st century. When formulating their opinions and arguments, they looked to British Values, opinion polls and current affairs. They conveyed their arguments through articles,...

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The Commonwealth Choir - posted 1st May

The Commonwealth Choir celebrate St. George's Day with the Coldstream Guards! Members of our Commonwealth Choir took part in a performance with the Coldstream Guards in celebration of St. George's Day, at the renowned Cadogan Hall. Whilst there, they were lucky enough to meet a West End Star (and X factor winner) Sam Bailey! IMG 51881 IMG...

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Year 2 class assembly 2018 – Gunpowder Plot - posted 26th Jan

Our fantastic History topic, the Gunpowder Plot, was the inspiration for our class assembly. We met Robert Catesby, Guy Fawkes, Tom Wintour and Thomas Percy (who were all busy plotting treason against the king!). Year 2 created their own movie fact file to introduce King James and retold the events of the Gunpowder plot through...

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Newhams Holocaust Memorial Event 2018

Newham's Holocaust Memorial Event 2018 - posted 26th Jan

Y6 representatives attend Newham's Holocaust Memorial Event 2018 This morning, five pupils from Y6 attended Newham’s Holocaust Memorial. The event was attended by the Mayor of Newham, and a special guest speaker was Mrs Mala Tribich MBE, who was a survivor of a concentration camp. She recounted her story, and answered questions from the audience. Her testimonial...

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