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Nursery Summer 2024



Kicking off the classic mysteries project in the early years this week, we’ve been learning about ‘Peter Rabbit and The Lost Hat’.

01.03.24 Nursery

We made bunny headbands and masks to role played the story, we baked carrot cupcakes which the children described as “delicious” and “carrot-y” and we drew up maps to help us find the lost hat.

01.03.24 Nursery 2


It’s been a busy week in nursery! We made decorations for our classroom for Chinese New Year, made Chinese lanterns and dragons and even learnt some Chinese dance moves.

09.02.24 Nursery 2024

As Pancake Day has fallen during half term, we celebrated early and made sprinkle-filled pancakes as requested by the children. Mr Allen joined us in the morning,
when the children were making pretend pancakes using playdough.

10.02.24 Nursery 2024 2

For maths we have been learning about lengths, focussing on tall and short objects.

09.02.24 Nursery 2024 3


 This week, we focussed on the stories ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Miss Tizzy’. As a class we made moon rocks and moon cakes. The children described them as “delicious” and “yummy” and also said they will make these at home with their families.

Nursery 27.01.24

For our citizenship topic, we have been learning about our elders and what we can do to help them when/if we are with them. We invited grandparents for a stay and play session – the children were so excited! We did lots of fun activities such as making rockets and spaceships using junk materials, moulding playdough into space rockets and stars and we ended the session with a story.

Nursery 26.01.24 2

For RE, we learnt about the story ‘Jesus Feeds the 5000’. The children retold the story and role played the story amongst themselves.

Nursery 26.01.24 3


Happy New Year! The term began with a brand new topic and home corner, the Space Station! The children were so excited to dress up as astronauts and aliens and pretend they are travelling to space.

12.01.24 Nursery 1

For maths, we built rockets using different shapes in different sizes and used playdough to represent the correct number of moon rocks on our mats.

12.01.24 Nursery 2 

The children were invited to build rockets and spaceships using large coloured blocks outside and the wooden blocks inside. It was so nice to see the children’s interpretations of space transportations using different construction materials.

12.01.24 Nursery 3

For physical development, the children took part in space yoga and we talked about different ways we can move if we were in space.

12.01.24 Nursery 4


It has been getting very Christmassy in the nursery this week. The children have been busy making 3D wreaths, building Christmas trees using 2D shapes, writing letters to Santa and decorating their own Christmas biscuits which were delicious!

15.12.23 Nursery 1

Our story of the week this week was Stick Man, we went searching outdoors for our very own Stick Man. The children found sticks in different lengths and recalled different repetitive phrases from the story.

15.12.23 Nursery 2


Nursery Q4 2 1

The nursery children have been learning about the Little Red Hen and the Nativity story. We practiced kneading dough using play dough. The children enjoyed using kitchen utensils and our kitchen home corner to cook their play dough for each other. For literacy we used magnetic letters to create key words from the Nativity story. We also played group memory game which the children loved!

 Nursery Q4 2 2

This week we learnt about advent calendars and advent wreaths. The children were invited to make their own wreaths which have been displayed in our classroom. We also decorated our class Christmas tree and together we opened day 1 of our advent calendars.


The nursery children have had a very busy week. We have had the reception children visit us every day to practice the Nativity on the 6th and 7th December – we cannot wait to perform for you!

For our Myths and Legends project, we have been learning about the Loch Ness Monster. We enjoyed reading a story called ‘There’s no Such Thing As Nessie’. We drew maps on how to find Nessie, made a plan for what we will take with us and went on a Nessie hunt. We also baked some yummy shortbread biscuits. The children also enjoyed dressing up on Monday.

For Maths, we have been working very hard practising our counting using coloured cubes. We have also been learning how to subsidise numbers 1, 2 and 3.

Nursery 2023 Q4 2

Nursery 2023 Q4 1

Nursery 2023 Q4 5

Nursery 2023 Q4 4

Nursery 2023 Q4 3