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St. Joachim's World Book Day

What a fun World Book Day we had! World Book Day is when children come together and celebrate reading, and at St. Joachim’s we did it in style!

All the children arrived in fancy-dress – inspired by characters from novels or short stories they had read. The teachers then decided on 2 winners from each class, who were awarded books for being the best-dressed. The library prefects then went around the school and judged the best-dressed teachers. The teachers were more competitive than the pupils!

In the afternoon, KS2 were mixed together and took part in a challenging book quiz – we can’t wait to hear who the winners were!

Meanwhile, EYFS and KS1 were treated to storytime by their class teachers, who acted out a chapter from Roald Dahl’s very popular Matilda. The children enjoyed it very much, and found it very funny.

It was then KS2’s turn to have a story. They were treated to a dramatic retelling of Theseus and the Minotaur by the KS2 teachers. It was a thrilling tale!

Finally, KS2 children were partnered up with EYFS and KS1 children for peer-reading. It was such a lovely session, and everyone really enjoyed their reading.

What a great World Book Day!