If your child is 3 years old or will be 3 years old in the next 3 months and you would like them to be considered for a place in St Joachim's, you need to apply to the school. Please go to the school office and ask for the forms.

Reception to Y6

Throughout the year we do have families move out of the area and so from time to time we have vacancies at St. Joachim’s. If you know anyone who has a child that would like to send their child to our Catholic school, please let them know that they need to apply in order for them to have a chance for a place.

Applications can be downloaded from our web site or you can come into our reception to ask for forms.

Admission for entry from September 2016 (2016/7 current academic year)

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Reception admission for entry from September 2017

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Supplementary information form (SIF) for 2017 entry
Determined Admission Arrangements for 2017 entry
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Primary to secondary transition for entry September 2017

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